Whole Foods Market Demo Table

Whole Foods Market DemoSaucy Wench is a unique BBQ sauce that is similar to BBQ sauces found in areas of the south like South Carolina. They tend to be thinner and have a stronger flavor of vinegar in the case of Saucy Wench its flavor is Worcestershire centric. This type of BBQ sauce is less familiar to customers around here. So I like to make a point that if you are from the South you would prefer a sauce like this. This helps to make customers more curious about the style and more open to trying something that is very new to them.

Made Locally in Aptos California/Santa Cruz County is another selling point.

Since this is a Local company I always look for ways to give them extra exposure. Every Saturday we feature a BBQ out in front of our store no matter what we are serving I make a point to have a few bottles open for customers to try. One customer tried it and said “Now that is what BBQ sauce is supposed to taste like”.

Peter from Whole Foods Market, Santa Cruz, CASC WF Demo Station

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