Saucy Wench is delicious. It comes in regular and Hot, AKA Beso de la diabla. A delightful recipe for Bloody Marys is used with the hot version and makes one of the best Bloody Marys I have ever tried.

Taste score 94 points.


Saucy Wench is fairly well known here at our Santa Cruz location. For the sampling I set up in the front of the store where we get the best traffic. During the three hour demo I was able to reach around 200 of our customers and team members. Thanks for supporting our efforts to delight our customers with super tasty samples from Saucy Wench.

Peter B.  Demo Specialist at Whole Foods Market Santa Cruz

Customers thought the name was great!

Deborah R.  Demo Specialist at Whole Foods Market Walnut Creek

Gail is the quintessential business woman. She has developed multiple products with great success. Saucy Wench BBQ Sauce is just one example of a superior product she has created and taken to market. I purchased some Saucy Wench Sauce recently at Whole Foods–and we all know it has to be superior to get shelf space in Whole Foods. I highly recommend both Gail Bove and Saucy Wench BBQ

Alice M.  Art Director at Santa Clara University

Gail has done a fantastic job creating Saucy Wench BBQ sauce !Great name and great product.

Larry B.   Sales Manager, RMC

I love Saucy Wench-BBQ and dipping sauce-
Whenever I grill or broil chicken, ribs, steak I use Saucy Wench as a finishing BBQ sauce-I brush it on liberally during the last 15 minutes of cooking-and then I use it as a dipping sauce as well-warming the sauce a bit and putting it in small bowls for family and guests to add on or dip into. Delicious sauce-just the right amount of seasoning and spices. Yum! Perfect for our summer grilling!

Deborah J.

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