What are the opportunities for Sales?
Farmers Markets
School, Health, or Church Fundraisers
Street Fairs
Home parties
Friends and neighbors
Booths at sport events
Gift Baskets
Health food stores
Small Mom and Pop grocery stores
Meat Depts

What support will I have?
You will have access to a support network of other team members and Saucy Wench will be readily available to answer all questions both by phone and email.

What are my responsibilities?
As an independent business person you will be responsible for researching the sales tax in your state. You will need to get a resale number and be responsible for your own taxes.

You will need to research the health department rules in your community and comply with their food handling requirements

Is this a multi level marketing or a pyramid scheme business?
No, you will be purchasing popular food items from Saucy Wench, LLC. directly at a wholesale price and will be selling them to the consumer at a suggested retail price.

Will there be other growth opportunities?
Yes, there will be opportunities to join with other team members in your region to share in shipping and distribution

Do I get my own exclusive territory?
Yes, you will get a certain mile radius from your home determined by the population of your community

How do I keep my territory?
Make sales of 10 cases per year minimum

What is required?
All that is required is time and a commitment to make your business a success!



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