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Saucy Wench Barbecue Sauce has arrived just in time for your summer grilling!

Bernard and Gail of La Selva Beach, California based their delicious sauce on an old family recipe. After Bernard retired, he got serious about his grilling, but he was surprised to discover that there was no healthy sauce on the market that had anywhere near the intense, rich flavor of the tangy, sweet, and spicy sauce he had grown up eating. Once he managed to pry the recipe out of his mother, he understood why. Most of the other sauce recipes he’d discovered were simple concoctions of tomato puree, artificial smoke, sugar, and more sugar, but his mother’s recipe was loaded with flavorful ingredients like fruit puree, guajillo chiles, orange peel, and ground hops. Along with Gail, he spent hours in the kitchen fine-tuning his mother’s recipe and the result is the most extraordinary sauce you’ll ever taste. Even better, it’s gluten-free and contains no high fructose corn syrup!

Available in Original and Beso de la Diabla – the spicy hot sauce that tastes like the “Kiss of the She-Devil!” Pick up a little Saucy Wench today and see what she can do for your dinner. . .

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